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Thank you for visiting the Elmer Back Gifting Center


The Elmer Back Gifting Center is a division of Good 360.  Our goal is to

provide non-profit organizations with the necessary supplies they need to

help the ill, the needy and the youth in our area.  Any 501(c)(3) organization

that signs up with the Elmer Back Gifting Center can select from a variety of

brand name items to accomplish their mission.  Currently over 150 non-profit organizations have joined the Elmer Back Gifting Center Family and

more are signing up every day.

Through our program many participating organizations have been able to provide personal care items for the homeless and impoverished people in our area,  books for reading and tutoring projects, toys for children in after-school and day care programs, bedding for the needy, building supplies to repair homes in desperate need  and many more daily necessities we take for granted.

To find out how your organization can become a member of the Elmer Back Gifting Center contact us today!

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